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COVID 19 Precautions

Cruising through the water with only two people per boat is a great way to social distance.

We are all aware of the ongoing novel viral pandemic.  We make sure each boat tour launches with a clean and sanitized boat.  We always clean our boats between tours; now we make sure to sanitize all places a person would touch the boat, and seats. Our activities are outdoors and most of the time we are moving. The two-seater boats provide perfect social distancing while enjoying one of our natural jewels.  We do meet in a public area so we do strongly suggest following CDC-guidline protection measures suggested by the county while at the boat park, particularly if in the building.







Please remember: You must be 16 to drive the boat and at least six to ride on the tour.  Anyone born after January 1988 also must have a safe boating certificate in order to operate any vessel (including a jet-ski) in Florida waters. A safe boating certificate can be obtained for free (approx. 6 hour course) at or for $10 (quicker) at







About the Boats

We use the Commercial Craigcat® Tahiti models. These small catamaran-style boats can go through very shallow water and put you right there next to the wildlife. See more about these boats at the Craigcat website.  A pioneer in small boat design, this state-of-the-art craft offers responsiveness, stability and sporty handling . Quick, roomy and exceptionally well-built, the CraigCat® catamaran boats delivers a rare blend of sportboat performance and the genuine comfort of a runabout that appeal to both novice and seasoned boaters alike.


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